St. John AmbulanceMaharashtra State Centre

As part of the Centenary Celebrations, a few employees of Standard Chartered Bank have agreed to run on behalf of St.John Ambulance to propagate our cause. The State Committee of St. John Ambulance wishes to express its gratitude to them for participating in the event.

Centenary Year 2015 - 16

This year we are celebrating our centenary year at St. John Ambulance Maharashtra State Centre. In celebration of this we are offering a discount of 50% to all NGOs, School Teachers and College Professors We invite them to undergo our St. John Ambulance Association certified First Aid Professionals course. Please contact our office for details.


We hold regular classes at our Fort Office. View our photogallery and learn about our course.

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Class will be held at our Office.
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From 9:30 to 17:30
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