St. John AmbulanceMaharashtra State Centre

Our Course

The Certified First Aid Professionals course covers the following topics. The course is conducted at our centre at Fort, Mumbai or at your location within Maharashtra for groups with more than 30 candidates. At the end of the course an examination is taken to verify that the candidates have understood the topics presented.

  • C.P.R. chest compression & mouth to mouth breathing for adult, child and infant.
  • A.E.D. “Heart Start” Machine for restarting the heart after cardiac arrest.
  • Suffocation
    Choking : Back Blows,
    Abdominal Thrusts (Heimlich’s Manouvre),
    Chest Compressions,
    Drowning : Rescue and First Aid,
    Smoke and Fire : Rescue and First Aid
  • Head Injury and Stroke
    Conscious Patient, Unconscious Patient, Recovery Position.
  • Shocks
    Electric Shock, Hysterical (Emotional) Shock, Cardio-Respiratory Failure
  • Wounds
    Types Of Wounds, Cleaning And Dressing, Bandages And Slings
  • Bleeding
    Direct Pressure, Indirect Pressure Points, Amputations
  • Fractures
    Identification And Fixing Of All Fractured Bones
  • Muscle And Joint Injuries
    Muscle Strain And Rupture, Muscle Cramps, Joint Sprains And Dislocations
  • Burns
    Degree, Location, Area, Minor And Major Burns And Their First Aid, Chemical And Acid Burns
  • Heart Attack
    Signs, Symptoms, And First Aid
  • Allergic Reactions And Shock (Anaphylaxis) Causes, Identification And First Aid
  • Poisons
    Types And First Aid, Dog Bite (Rabies) Snake Bite, Scorpion, Bee Stings
  • Heat Stroke And Hypothermia (Frost Bite)
    Signs And Emergency First Aid
  • Diabetes And Hypoglycaemia (Low Sugar)
    Signs And Emergency First Aid Alcoholism
  • Transportation Of Patient
    Hand Seats, Stretcher Carry.
Our Doctor showing A.E.D. Logo Our Doctor Showing a sling Our Doctor Showing the rcovery position

Our Course Fee per candidate : ₹2360/- includes 18% GST

The fee includes the cost of the Certificate and bandage.

If you are a company or a group with 30 candidates, the class can be held at your preferred location. Conveyance charge for the visiting Doctor on both days to your site and back will be extra and as per A.C. Taxi fare or you can arrange for an Air Conditioned vehicle yourself.

Our Certificate

Click to see a larger version of the certificate you will receive. Our certificate is valid for 3 years for the below mentioned industries and for most work visas in the U.S. U.K. Australia, Canada and many other countries

Our course is used for the industries mentioned below.

  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Airlines
  • Shipping
  • Oil and natural gas
  • Nuclear power
  • Chemicals
  • Steel and Metallurgical
  • Textiles and Garments
  • Packaging and Printing industry
  • Trekking and Nature enthusiasts

We also conduct classes for colleges, banks and commercial establishments, shopping malls, fitness gymnasiums etc., and for groups of concerned private citizens. Everybody is welcome to come and learn how to use first aid in order to save lives.