St. John Ambulance Maharashtra State Centre

Unfortunately, All our classes are full.

Please check back later to find new dates for classes.

If you are from a company and want to hold a class at your location.
Please contact us directly.

Certificates have not come for the following classes

Original Certificates take time as they come from our Delhi Headquarters.

  • 29th Jul'19
  • 19th Aug'19
  • 29th Aug'19
  • 16th Sep'19
  • 26th Sep'19
  • 10th Oct'19
  • 22nd Oct'19
  • 7th Nov'19
  • 28th Nov'19
  • 10th Dec'19
  • 23rd Dec'19
  • 15th Jan'20
  • 15th Jan'20
  • 29th Jan'20
  • 24th Feb'20
  • 2nd Mar'20
  • 18th Mar'20